About the Project

apoTV is a digital signage channel by Herba Chemosan AG – the largest pharmaceutical wholesale corporation in Austria. After several successful years, the channel needed a modern and fresh redesign. The program is put together individually and the length and content of single segments were to stay unchanged. The  task mainly consisted of three parts. The overall visual concept, animation sequences between the program slots and the layout of the dynamic content slots. As a side quest, I gave the old logo a facelift.

Simple Concept

The idea was quite straight forward. The previous designs – as well as the logo, were based on a circle. This simple geometric form is a very versatile base for the various designs. 

The second part was the color coding of the slots. Here I used color combinations with a base hue which described the character of the slot. Attention rising red-orange base for the news slot, a green base for herbal themed slots and so on.

Making Of

During the process, some very neat visuals emerged which I find worthy of sharing with you.