apoTV is a digital signage channel for pharmacies. The task consisted of the visual concept, animation sequences between the program slots and the layout of the dynamic content slots.

Pizza Mizza is an international chain of restaurants offering authentic italian, high quality food for affordable prices. They operate a fast food division as well as a restaurant division.




Cremesso ad concept proposal

Finecraft background visuals

Pizza Mizza Kura Kralovske ad campaign

Bena mega-board

Pizza Mizza CD Manual

Cremesso Viva – ad campaign visual

Cremesso Guatemala-campaign visual

Finecraft visuals

AME 20th anniversary visual

Denis Fox branding

Austrian Red Cross – CD Manual


Zo Záhrady Do Kuchyne – logo design

Speak-Global language school

AME web design

Holiday Cat

em grills

Idom / Idom Mite

Photography – SHT Showroom

Pizza Mizza – design concept



Music City Club Prague

Fibre Networks – branding proposal

Garden of Eden


Buffet Clothing – logo design

Various illustrations for Pizza Mizza

Algesal Arthropur branding

Pizza Mizza – food court

Pharmaselect Product Line

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